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It seemed like half of Brighton came out to watch this gig by Senegalese singer Nuru Kane and his band. I have never seen Komedia this crowded or a full house have so much fun.”
The Guide, Brighton

“Nuru Kane is a true original”
Robin Denselow, Songlines

“Evocative of a kind of pan-Saharan Velvet Underground”
Mark Hudson, Daily Telegraph

“Senegal’s Soul Sensation”
Phil Meadley, Observer Music Monthly

“His broad influences combine to make this debut CD a masterpiece.”
Evan Serpick,

“Kane’s live performance showed the awesome genius of his African tunes in all their greatness. Hotly tipped as the next big African star he is strikingly handsome and obscenely gorgeous. ”
Bunmi Akpata-Ohohe, Africa Today

“This is an original and beautifully crafted musical fusion of two very different cultures of Africa. A real treat for those who appreciate music that comes from the heart.”
Chino Odimba, BBC AFrica on Your Street

“I saw Nuru Kane and the band he works with, Bayefall Gnawa, at a festival. They performed with the energy of a hunt, the passion of new lovers and the precision and musicality of the lead violin in London Philarmonic. Their stage presence was such that we became largely unaware of the stage, just captivated by these characters and their sounds and selves”
D. Thorne, customer review